Lunes, Mayo 2, 2011

Condonation of Penalties up to June 30, 2011

The SSS or Social Security System in the Philippines announced that the deadline for the Condonation of Penalties for Unremitted or Delinquent Loan amortizations of employees by employers is on June 30, 2011.

So, employers are urged to pay the delinquent contributions of their employees to avail the condonation penalties.

This program only proves that there are many corrupt employers in the Philippines. These  corrupt people did not just exist at the government offices but there are many from the private sectors.

Most of these corrupt people from the private sectors do the following:

- Don't pay the SSS contribution of their members
- Don't want to give the benefits that their employees should receive.
- They bribe public officials just to gain advantage over the others.

Biyernes, Abril 29, 2011

B 304 SSS Form Download: EC Claim for Temporary Total Disability or Sickness

The form can be downloaded directly the form B 304 SSS Form Download: EC Claim for Temporary Total Disability or Sickness from the website. That's actually the official website of the SSS.

Don't worry, it's free. What you need is make two copies of it and then submit it to the SSS office near you.

But, if I were you, I will just go to the SSS office near you get the form there, filled them up and submit them immediately. However, you need to know the requirements online and then prepare them before visiting the SSS office to save more time.

Miyerkules, Abril 13, 2011

0.6 Percent Increase of SSS Contribution

The Social Security System will implement another increase of monthly contribution of members by 0.6 percent. The increase is just small but I know those who are self employed and just earning few will feel the pain.

But this increase will still be good and will be fine for the members as long as the increase of monthly pension as moved by the House will be approved too.

A 0.6 percent increase will be nothing if members are expecting an increase of monthly pension too.

Lunes, Marso 21, 2011

SSS ID Card Lost

This afternoon, I went to Western Union agent to get the money transferred to me by my brother abroad. The teller asked me a valid ID or the ID Card issued by the government offices or agencies. I don't have other valid ID except my SSS ID. So I presented my SSS ID to the teller.

To make the story short, I successfully claimed the money.

However, the amount of money which is 50,000 pesos made me nervous. It's actually my first time to hold such amount of money. And because of what I feel, I forget to get my SSS ID back.

When I arrived home, I immediately remembered that I presented my SSS ID to the teller of the Western Union agent. I checked my wallet and it was not there. So, I immediately went back to that store and asked the teller my SSS ID.

The teller felt surprised. She said that she already gave me the SSS ID.

I tried searching the area and the street where I walked on but I did find the ID.

I think, I need to get a new one.

Biyernes, Marso 18, 2011

Pay Your SSS Contribution via Coops

The SSS is now starting to accredit cooperatives as the new SSS agents who can collect the payment of the SSS members for the SSS contributions.

However, the cooperatives who wish to become the SSS agent need to file at the SSS office. They must submit documents such as articles of cooperation, by-laws, certification of registration with CDA and audited financial statements for the last three years.

This is good news to all SSS members especially those self-employed or voluntary members who are in places away from the SSS offices or any accredited collecting agencies. At least with this, they now can pay their SSS contributions to the cooperatives near them.

SSS Website

The SSS website is now fully active although there were times that it was so slow. You can access it at or click here.

The SSS website offers news and updates related to the SSS including those employers who are sentenced for not paying the premiums of their employees. There you can also find announcements and also the invitation to bid.

But the most important function of the website is serving SSS members by providing information regarding their SSS contributions, SSS Loans and other important SSS relation things. They simply call it the SSS Online Inquiry system.

The only problems though is that it is hard to get registered with the SSS Online Inquiry. If you are self-employed or a voluntary member, you need to enter the SBR number which is printed on the receipt when you pay your monthly contribution. The SBR number on the receipt sometimes couldn't be read.

Another problem is, after registering to the SSS Online Inquiry, the password sent to you by the website sometimes doesn't work when you log in to the website.

House Bill for 7,000 Monthly SSS Pension

Representatives Neri Colmenares and Teddy Casino filed the House Bill 4365 which will amend the current SSS Law or the Republic Act 1161. This bill aims to increase the monthly pension of sss retirees to 7,000 Pesos.

This is actually a good move by these congressmen considering that those SSS retirees ten years ago and older are still receiving a very low monthly pension. But everyone is wondering whether the House will pass this bill for it might affect the operation of the entire SSS.